This three day intensive course is designed to introduce you to Realist Research and the techniques necessary to conduct a Realist Synthesis or Evaluation project. Specifically, you will be introduced to the philosophical assumptions of a realist philosophy, the implications for understanding policy and programs, and how they impact specific methods in design, data collection, data analysis, and reporting. This workshop will provide an in-depth examination into philosophical underpinnings, standards of practice, and common challenges in applying Realism into research projects. 


Dr. Gary Groot

Dr. Gary Groot (MD, PhD) is a surgical oncologist in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and an Associate Professor at the University of Saskatchewan in the department of Community Health and Epidemiology, within the College of Medicine. 

Along with this team, Dr. Groot has undertaken multiple realist syntheses. He was an invited speaker at the 2017 International Conference for Realist Research, Evaluation and Synthesis in Brisbane, Australia. Dr. Groot has worked alongside Dr. Westhorp since 2015, and has recently began collaboration between her team at Charles Darwin University and Gary's team at University of Saskatchewan examining  funding and policy decisions for Indigenous mental health and addiction grants. 


Dr. Gill Westhorp

Dr. Gill Westhorp (PhD) is the lead of  the Realist Research Evaluation and Learning Initiative (RREALI) at Charles Darwin University (CDU) in Darwin, Australia.  The role of RREALI is to establish CDU as an Australasian centre for excellence in realist methodologies by developing realist methods, researching and enhancing the utility of realist methods.

Gill is internationally recognized for her excellent work in realist research and evaluation projects. She provides professional development worldwide. She also was a leading member of the quality and publication standards for realist synthesis (a method for synthesising existing research and evidence from a realist perspective) on the RAMESES project. 

Gill is also Director of Community Matters Pty Ltd, a consultancy firm specialising in realist research and evaluation methodologies; and an Associate in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies at RMIT University.  Much of her current work is in the international development, climate change, health, and community services sectors.