Get Real: A workshop on Realist Methodology

“Realist evaluations ask not, ‘What works?’ or, ‘Does this Program work?’ but asks instead, ‘What works for whom in what circumstances in what respects and how?’
— (Ray Pawson and Nick Tilley, 2004)

Across diverse fields from the healthcare sector, to education to social justice, realist research is helping people better understand what systems, policies and mechanisms actually work. 

Realist research provides you with a deeper, more nuanced understanding of a complex problem so you can develop solutions that make a real difference. 

 Catering to all skill levels, this workshop is being hosted to help expand the capacity of faculty, staff, and students interested in exploring and/or conducting realist research.

Interested in exploring realist research for the first time? Have basic skills but looking to further your understanding in realist philosophy and methodology?

This workshop is for you! 

Held at the picturesque campus of the University of Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon, this workshop is being hosted by Dr. Gary Groot (Canada) and Dr. Gill Westhorp (Australia). 




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